Allergy Friendly – Hash Brown Potatoes

Who doesn’t love hash browns? We used to love the occasional trip to McDonalds for breakfast (including their hash browns!) but since they are no longer nut free, we have found another way to make great allergy friendly hash browns at home. These are free from most major allergens, depending on the oil and seasonings you use.

Preheat a cast iron, or non stick pan on medium heat with about 1 tablespoon of oil. While the pan is heating, peel two or three medium potatoes, then shred them with a box grater. Use the larger setting (not the fine shred) as this will be easier and not turn the potato to mush.  I shred them directly on a tea towel, as this makes the next step much easier. Once shredded, you will need to squeeze the liquid from the potato. If you have shredded them on the tea towel, then you simply take the corners of the towel in, and twist the little potato bundle until no more water is released (you can also use paper towel for this step, but a tea towel does work much better).

Empty the potatoes into the hot pan, and spread evenly, shaping using a spatula, bringing in the edges to form a circle. Add salt and pepper to taste – sometimes we add a little garlic powder or paprika as well. Let the potatoes cook for about 15 minutes, and don’t touch/flip/move them. Just let them sit and cook.

While they are cooking, rinse your tea towel out with cool water. The potatoes will discolor the towel if left to dry (not sure why this is) but rinsing it will prevent that from happening.

Once the 15 minutes has passed, flip the potatoes over using two spatula’s (you may have to cut the circle in half to do this successfully). Then let them cook for another 15 minutes, uncovered.

Once the second 15 minutes has passed, they are ready. You may need to adjust the seasoning (potatoes sometimes need more salt) – this is a great breakfast treat served with sour cream, or ketchup (this can also be a lunch/dinner side) and will be sure to become a most requested item in your home!



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