Allergy Friendly (non food) Treats for Halloween

With Halloween approaching, we are all starting to think about buying treats for Halloween before all the ‘good stuff’ is gone, and we have to resort to handing out bags of chips (kids always seem to hate the minuscule bags of chips!). Our problem has always been buying too soon, and then having to go out again and re-buy candy because someone (ahem) has eaten it all before the 31st.

But why not try something different this year, and give out treats that are both fun, allergy friendly, and something that they will remember? And as added bonus, they won’t end up eaten before the big day.

Here are some fun ideas that will be sure to delight the little ones:

Glow Sticks:

At about $10 for 100, these are an inexpensive option to hand out, and the kids can even wear them that night to make themselves more visible in the dark!


This is a great way to cater to all ages of kids who come to your door – all kids love Play-Doh! Comes in neat Halloween themed colors.

Slap Bracelets:

These are a neat novelty for kids – fits all sizes of arms, and are a great treat for boys and girls.

Hot Wheels Cars:

What kid wouldn’t love a new Hot Wheels car? This pack has 50 individual cars in their own packaging, and makes a unique and inexpensive treat for little ones.


This is a functional and age appropriate gift for all little goblins.

The best part about these is that you can order straight from your living room – if you have Prime, then you can get many of these within a day or two. Happy Allergy Friendly Halloween!


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