Closet Cleaning Day


So the other day I ran out of hangers, and decided that it was time to clean out my closet. I figure that I only wear about 20% of the clothes that are in there, so it was time to weed out the garbage.

So I started by taking everything out of the closet – from top to bottom.  It had become a catch all for things that have nowhere else to live. When I was done, the bed was stacked high with clothes, and the surrounding area was full. I couldnt believe that all that stuff was in there.     Continue reading

Coursera – Child Nutrition/Cooking Course


I have to say that I love free stuff – coupons, samples, rebates, etc. But one of the best deals I have found is Coursera.

Coursera is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that is free to use, and makes University level courses available to everyone.  I have wanted to take some courses for the last few years, and since my schedule doesnt really permit me to be gone one or two nights a week, this is a perfect solution. You can complete these right from your own home.    Continue reading

Our latest addition..


Today we went to visit my mother, and she and my son made a homemade ‘chia pet’. Each day we need to spray it down with water, and within a few days, the hair should start to grow. My son is super-excited, and moved his yet-to-be-named pet to his room tonight to sleep with. I will take a pic of it every couple of days to mark it’s progress.


Day Three

We still don’t have a name for this little fella – but we did notice some changes tonight. We have been watering him with Monster Spray (that is another yet-to-be-written post) twice a day, and some little tiny bids have started to appear beneath the surface. I am notsure if they will be able to make it through the netting, but I am sure we will find out in the next 24 hours!

Update: unfortunately, our little chia didnt do that well…for some reason, the seeds couldnt find their way out of the netting. We cut the netting away, but still the seeds were buried too far to be able to make their way out.  It was still a fun experiment, though!


‘The Tightwad Gazette’ by Amy Dacyczyn

This was a great book for me years ago when I was first starting out – I read it from cover to cover (and at 900+ pages, it’s a lot of book!). Amy was ‘green’ before being green was even in style.


While transferring my books to another bookcase last month, I saw The Tightwad Gazette and put it aside. Continue reading

Grocery Shopping Entourage

I usually try to go grocery shopping by myself.  I love going through the aisles, checking out new products and reading labels. I menu plan and shop from a list, but I still like to browse in case I see something on sale, or an item that wasnt on the list that we are running low on.

My shoulder has been sore for the last few days, which meant I couldnt manuever the grocery cart around as usual. Hubby offers to come and help, so we pack up our 4 year old, pile into the car and go. Continue reading