The Teal Pumpkin Project

Attention all allergy friendly families – this year you can show your support for children with food allergies.  The Teal Pumpkin Project, created in 2014, is a program that promotes safe alternatives for Halloween treats for kids with food allergies. This is an international initiative, and you can participate by providing non-food treats in lieu of candy (stickers, stationary, small toys, etc) and downloading some of the materials available on the Food Allergy Canada site to display in your window/on your door.

As the parent of an allergic child, I am thrilled with this campaign, and hope to see these signs in front of many homes this year. Halloween always brings an element of stress for many families, picking out the unsafe snacks, and hoping that the snacks that are normally safe haven’t been cross contaminated. This is a great way to provide an alternative, and start to spread awareness.

In previous years, we have been fortunate that many of the houses we visited have started to separate the nut free snacks, and offer them as an alternative. This program takes that a step further, while still allowing kids to feel included in the special day.


Easy Meal Planning

Meal planning is one of those things that can take up a lot of time. Even when you do it every week, it still doesn’t get any easier, and sometimes it just doesn’t get done. If you don’t do a plan, then the week following is chaotic, filled with fast food and multiple trips to the grocery store. Continue reading

Pantry Challenge: What if I don’t shop this week? (menu plan included)

So this week was a busy one for me. I had family visiting, work was crazy and there just wasn’t time to do a big shop. I managed to do the menu plan, and I tried to focus on things that I already had around the house. Here is what it looks like this week: Continue reading

Do you reuse plastic containers?

As you know if you read the Bone Broth post, I made my own stock. Usually, I save empty sour cream and yogurt containers, and freeze the stock in there once it’s cooled.  I didn’t think too much about it, since I wasn’t heating foods in the plastic. But an article got me thinking – even if I am not heating the plastic, do the chemicals leech into my food while frozen in the freezer? Continue reading

Mississauga Grocery Flyer Deals

Happy Easter everyone!! Every week I scan the flyers to see what’s on sale, and what great deals exist that I can stock up on. Certain things only go on sale periodically, and it makes sense to grab those items while you can, and if your grocery budget allows, buy enough to get you through to the next time it goes on sale.

This week the theme seems to be “meat, meat and more meat”!  This is a great opportunity to get some special occasion meats at a great price.

Here are some of the best deals this week: Continue reading

The frugal way to make bone broth


A few years ago, this thing called “Bone Broth” started to become all the rage – people were going on about it being a super food, with it’s healing properties etc etc. The person who came up with this term deserves a marketing award – they took something that people have been doing for hundreds of years, re-marketed it, and voila – new trend. Which leaves me thinking that there must be something that my mother/grandmother etc did that I can re-market into something that sounds hip and healthy, and make a fortune. Continue reading

How to feed your family for $100/week


I have been wanting to do a segment for a while on how to eat well within a budget. Every week, I scan the flyers, see what’s on sale, and plan around that for each week’s menu plan. When something I use often is on sale, and the sale is particularly good (good=only on sale once every few months at that price), then I stock up on that item. My rule of thumb is to buy enough to get me through until the next time it goes on sale. Continue reading

Canning and Preserving – which recipes are safe?


This is one of my favorite times of year.  I love canning tomatoes, peaches and green beans. I am fairly new at canning, and it was pretty intimidating for me at first – I wasnt sure which recipes were  safe. I had been warned about using recipes that I found online, or ones that had been handed down, because there wasnt a guarantee that they would still be safe since standards are always changing. Acidity levels of fruits and vegetables change over time, so your Grandma’s recipe may not be acidic enough to be safe today. Continue reading

Crumpets – The Joy of Cooking

I was searching through my favorite cookbook of all time – The Joy of Cooking – and came across this recipe for Crumpets. I havent had a crumpet in ages – when I flipped through the book, I was looking for a bread recipe I could make without having to turn on the oven during our heat wave. It looked like more of a batter than a dough – you cook it on a griddle/pan instead of baking in the oven. I had made English Muffins some time back, and they turned out well…how hard could crumpets be? Continue reading

The Tightwad Gazette – The Price Book


After readling the Titghtwad Gazette, it became clear that one of the main areas you can save on is your food bill. Every week, I scan the flyers and make lists of things at the various stores we can use and stock up on. I may not get to every store that week, but it’s a good starting place to plan out where I will do my shopping that week. Continue reading