Homemade PlayDoh

This is a timeless classic! I remember this activity from when we were kids. We didn’t use PlayDoh then (it existed, but I don’t remember us buying it). I do remember my mom making her own, and that’s what we would use. It was a salty, pliable dough, and we would have to remember to wrap it up in plastic…

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The Tightwad Gazette – The Price Book

After readling the Titghtwad Gazette, it became clear that one of the main areas you can save on is your food bill. Every week, I scan the flyers and make lists of things at the various stores we can use and stock up on. I may not get to every store that week, but it’s a good starting place to…

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‘Food Prep Day’ – aka Sundays

Sundays are my Food Prep Day, and this is key for me in getting organized for the week. I use this day to get the fridge cleaned and sorted out for the week, wash and cut up fruits and veggies, and prep some simple staples to make the rest of the week easier. I get out the iPad, put on…

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Greta’s Cookies

This is a recipe that my mother gave me a long time ago – probably close to 20 years ago. It’s one I remember from my childhood, and a really easy cookie that you can put together with ingredients you will almost always have in the house. It’s true comfort food.

Reta Thompson’s English Muffins

My mother has been saving interesting recipes for years. Many are from back in the day when they used to publish reader’s recipes in The Star, and thousands of home cooks would try them out. We recently went through one of her books, and one of the recipes we found was “Reta Thompson’s English Muffins”. I dont know which year this is…

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