Closet Cleaning Day


So the other day I ran out of hangers, and decided that it was time to clean out my closet. I figure that I only wear about 20% of the clothes that are in there, so it was time to weed out the garbage.

So I started by taking everything out of the closet – from top to bottom.  It had become a catch all for things that have nowhere else to live. When I was done, the bed was stacked high with clothes, and the surrounding area was full. I couldnt believe that all that stuff was in there.    

By the time I got everything out, I was tired. I didnt want to put it all back, and my gusto for the project was long gone. But if I wanted somewhere to sleep that night, I had to carry on.  So I took a break (very important with projects this size) and got back at it.

The general rules of thumb I used were:

*if I hadnt worn it in a year, it went

*if I didnt like the way it fit me, it went

*If it is one of 3 of the same thing, it went

*if it was very worn, or faded, or part of my old maternity clothes, it went (and yes, I was still wearing some of my old maternity clothes – but that is a topic for another post)

*If I was keeping something that was a gift, and I felt guilty because I didnt like it, it went

*If it was being stored in the closet, because it had nowhere else to live, and it hadnt been used in 2+ years, it went

*If I was keeping it because of sentimental reasons, I took a picture of it, and it went

In the end, I ended up with seven garbage bags full of stuff to donate. Another bag of things was going to the cabin to be used there. I went through all the dresser drawers, too.  In the end, everything was so neat, clean and organized.  Finally the bedroom really felt like the room it is supposed to be, instead of the catch-all that stressed me out everytime I went in there.

When you have too much stuff in a space, your mind just cant relax when you are in there. It’s amazing the different feel the room has now that there are minimal things in there.   When I try to think back to the stuff I got rid of, it is hard for me to remember anything specifically. Out of seven large bags of stuff, I think the fact that none of it had a lasting impression on me is very telling – clearly none of it was that important to begin with.


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