Consumers Distributing

One of my childhood memories is Consumers Distributing. I loved this store – and I loved the catalog. You could “shop” at home, then go into the store, and just order what you wanted, and they would bring it to you (they also offered free delivery). There was a small storefront, with a few displays, but nothing that you could pick up and look at. They were similar to the Sears catalog, except that you would go to the store in person. Stock issues were a common problem, as many items were often out of stock, and attempts to fix the inventory issues led to overextending the company, and they ultimately went out of business.

Here are some flashbacks from 1979, and what they offered.

I am not sure how much this would cost today – a similar ring at Walmart┬áis $199.

The toasters aren’t as cheap as I would have thought they would be.

I think we had one of these when I was a kid – it came out when we had company. I haven’t seen one of these in years.

These are comparable (more or less) to what you can get at IKEA today, so not a huge savings. I remember having these at our house.

I haven’t bought charms in a long time – some of these seem expensive.

For being 35 years old, the prices seem in line for Fisher Price. I remember having some of these toys.

They don’t make desks like these anymore. It’s all MDF now.


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  1. Have you ever come across anyone who is selling these catalogues? I’d love to have one in my bookshelf. Brings back such fun memories!!

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