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I was searching through my favorite cookbook of all time – The Joy of Cooking – and came across this recipe for Crumpets. I havent had a crumpet in ages – when I flipped through the book, I was looking for a bread recipe I could make without having to turn on the oven during our heat wave. It looked like more of a batter than a dough – you cook it on a griddle/pan instead of baking in the oven. I had made English Muffins some time back, and they turned out well…how hard could crumpets be?


First, take your active dry yeast (1 pkg or 2 1/4 tsps) and mix with 1/4 cup water (the recipe says 2 tbsps of water, but this wasnt sufficient to dissolve the yeast). Add in a pinch of sugar to feed the yeast. 


Wait 10 minutes until it looks like this. That’s how you know that your yeast is still good. If it doesn’t get frothy, start again with new yeast. Don’t waste your time with old yeast. 

In another, much larger bowl, combine 2 1/2 cups of flour, 1 tsp salt and 2 tsps sugar (consider the sugar you added to the yeast and account for that as part of the 2 tsps). Add 3 tbsps butter, 1 1/2 cups of milk and mix until smooth. 

This is what mine looked like, but it was thicker than it should have been. The mixture was supposed to be a little more runny (I think I was heavy-handed with the flour).  Set aside (covered) for 1.5-3 hours, until it rises, then falls again. 

Mine looked like this after 3 hours. I could tell it had risen and fallen, since it looked like it was ‘pulling’ away from the sides of the bowl. 


Drop by 1/4 cups onto a hot greased pan. They wont be uniform, unless you have those very neat crumpet rings (you can get those at any kitchen supply store).


Flip them after a few minutes (one they start to form little bubbles).  Cook the other side, then turn onto a plate lined with paper towel. After they cool, wrap and refrigerate. I haven’t tried freezing these yet, but I will, then update how they did in the freezer. IMG_2685

Yum!! I cut one open so you could see it – look at all the holes to capture the buttery goodness that I’ll spread on those babies! A great breakfast treat in the midst of a heat wave. Enjoy!!


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