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I have to say that I love free stuff – coupons, samples, rebates, etc. But one of the best deals I have found is Coursera.

Coursera is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that is free to use, and makes University level courses available to everyone.  I have wanted to take some courses for the last few years, and since my schedule doesnt really permit me to be gone one or two nights a week, this is a perfect solution. You can complete these right from your own home.   

The courses follow a set schedule for the most part, however, some are so popular, that they have made them available online indefinitely so that you can view the lectures when you have time.

My favorite is the Child Nutrition course by Maya Adam, a pediatrician, and professor at Stanford University. Her style and take on the way we eat is very interesting. Her approach is “take our your pots and pans and start cooking” instead of relying on convenience and fast foods. She demonstrates how to cook meals that kids will like, and how to introduce veggies and fruit into your kids diet.

Sometimes cooking day in and out can zap your creativity and motivation. These videos help bring back my zest for cooking, when it seems like I just cant bear having to plan another meal.

To read more about the health issues surrounding processed foods, please visit Health Ambition. Helen (the chief editor) has written a fantastic article demystifying the components of processed foods, and helping us to understand what we need to look out for. I didn’t realize all the tricks that various companies use to hide sugar, fat and salt in our food! Her article will really make you re-evaluate foods that you previously felt were healthy.

Happy Cooking!

Intro on her courses

Interesting video about processed food

Link to Coursera


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