Frugal Living

I have always had an interest in frugal living, but it has been an on-again, off-again phase over the years. When I had time, I was a coupon-clipping, shopping at 5 different grocery stores to get the deals’ kind of gal.  I saw it as an all-or-nothing thing, and when time started to get tight, many of these strategies went out the window.

Time is still tight today – but I knew there had to be a way to adopt some of these frugal strategies and find a balance that would be sustainable long term. For the answer I turned to one of my favorite books – The Tightwad Gazette. This book is a guide that was beyond it’s years – it was written before recycling was trendy, and encouraged people to look at reducing consumption, and measuring effort in terms of dollar value.

I decided to revisit this book and see what tips I can realistically use, and make part of a long term lifestyle change. Over the new few posts, I’ll look at some of Amy Dacyczyn’s ideas, and decide which ones would have the most impact if implemented.