‘Food Prep Day’ – aka Sundays


Sundays are my Food Prep Day, and this is key for me in getting organized for the week. I use this day to get the fridge cleaned and sorted out for the week, wash and cut up fruits and veggies, and prep some simple staples to make the rest of the week easier.

I get out the iPad, put on a cooking video, and get to it.

Some of the things I make for the week:

-cook some pasta (good for a late snack, lunch or quick dinner if we are delayed)

-pre-wash some lettuce for salads (only do enough for about 2-3 days, or it will turn brown)

-make a big batch of marinara sauce, portion and freeze. Keep a small amount in fridge for mini-pizzas.

-make a double batch of pizza dough and freeze in two portions (great for a last minute lunch or dinner)

-make a pot of soup (good for lunches, or a snack)

-bake some treats, like scones, cookies, etc. Rice Krispie treats are a good one too.

-stock (good way to use up leftover/borderline veggies). Martha Stewart has a great veggie stock video demo – it is an excellent stock, and great sub in for chicken stock

Many of these things can be done at the same time, or put on while you do something else, which makes the time comittment minimal. The time these things save through the week more than makes up for the time you spend on a Sunday.