The Tightwad Gazette – Price Book


After readling the Titghtwad Gazette, it became clear that one of the main areas you can save on is your food bill. Every week, I scan the flyers and make lists of things at the various stores we can use and stock up on. I may not get to every store that week, but it’s a good starting place to plan out where I will do my shopping that week.

In the book, Amy Dacyczyn talks about creating the Price Book, which is essentially a record of the best prices you can find on the items you normally buy. I have heard of this before, and I even think I may have started one years ago.

I go by the prices in my head, and I think I have a pretty good idea of what the best deals on milk, cheese, etc are in my area. Amy’s theory is that you may think you know the prices, but once you actually keep track of them, you will find that you are way off.

So I will test this theory – I am listing 10 foods I normally buy, and what the best prices I can find on these items is – off the top of my head. I’ll watch and track those items in the weekly flyers for a month, record the lowest advertised price, and share those in a follow up post.

My 10 items are:

Cheese (450g bar – not brand specific) – $3.99

Lactose-free Milk – $4.99

Chicken (boneless, skinless, antibiotic free) – $5.99/lb

Organic apples (2 lb bag) – $6.99

Organic Romaine lettuce (3 in a bag) – $4.99

Organic yogurt (750g tub) – $4.49

10% cream (1 litre) – $2.00

Ground Beef (lean or extra lean) – $3.99/lb

Organic Celery (one bunch) – $3.99

Rye Bread (one loaf) – $3.79

Alright – so I am off to scan the flyers and see what kind of deals I can get on these. I will be shocked if I can get cream for less than $2 a litre, or milk any cheaper. See you in a month!