Greta’s Cookies

This is a recipe that my mother gave me a long time ago – probably close to 20 years ago. It’s one I remember from my childhood, and a really easy cookie that you can put together with ingredients you will almost always have in the house. It’s true comfort food.


Gather your ingredients – I like that you can use butter or margarine – if I am out of butter, then it isnt a big deal to use margarine. I hope there will be enough brown sugar – I am running low!


Get all of your ingredients in a bowl.

Just get right in there with your hands and mix it up. It is easier to do that then dirty a mixer, and it combines better that way  rather than using a spoon. I think this wasy my son’s favorite part of the whole thing. We also added some chocolate chips as a bonus.


Once combined, put into a greased baking pan. It didnt say that in the recipe, but it’ always better to grease it to be on the safe side.


Pat it down so that it is nice and compacted. Little hands works well for this job.


We added a few more chocolate chips on top for good measure.


Bake until golden, and bubbly – about 20-25 minutes. I left this one in a little long, but it was still good (the chocolate chips melted into the cookie). Cut and remove while it is still warm.


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