Halloween Fun

We have been having fun getting ready for Halloween, and decorated the house this weekend. The above pic is the mantle, formerly decorated for Thanksgiving, and with a few modifications, we changed it to a Halloween theme. The lights are a cute addition – I found those at Walmart a few years ago and they have been hung in different places around the house over the years. The pumpkin covers come off, so you can use them as regular lights also if you like. 

A few weeks ago we went to Springridge Farm, and picked out a large pumpkin and  couple of smaller ones. The ‘lady’ pumpkin in the middle was a later purchase from Loblaws, as it was determined that the big pumpkin needed a partner to help look after all the smaller pumpkins.

We ended up moving them all inside since the weather was awful a few days ago, and there was concern from a small family member about them being cold. So at this point, I am not sure if they will make it back out, since the weather today is no better. I was going to move them all out today, but now I even feel a little guilty putting them back out in the cold.

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