Hello? Is anyone out there?



When I first started blogging, I didnt even think about who was going to read it. I thought this would be a great way to memorialize our weekend baking projects, and keep in touch with family.  I mean – who else would really care what we were doing?

Not long after that, I got my first real comment from a lady in Europe. I was so excited! Not only had she read my post, but she was encouraging, and had really nice things to say. I visited her site; she had thousands of followers, books published, etc. She was a big deal. And she came to MY site! How the heck did she even FIND it? And then I got thinking – how could I get more people like her?

There are many tips and techniques to make this happen, and I am still learning new ones every day. Much of the learning process if just research, trial and error, and figuring out what will work best for you and your blog niche. Networking is the biggest part of this process – you have to seek out like minded people with blogs like yours. Visit their sites, comment on their posts, and make some new friends.

There are also companies that will help you with this, such as Triangle Direct Media, because at some point, you will outgrow organic growth and need to look for various services to help you target those folks you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

For now, I am focusing on posting things that I enjoy writing about, and that are relevant. I’ll continue on my quest to find like-minded bloggers, and having fun posting our weekend recipe adventures.


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  1. Right? It’s like were yelling into an auditorium and no one turns your way. Then some slowly start to turn. The trick is to get more to do it. Thanks for the site, Triangle Direct, to check out.

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