Homemade PlayDoh


This is a timeless classic! I remember this activity from when we were kids. We didn’t use PlayDoh then (it existed, but I don’t remember us buying it). I do remember my mom making her own, and that’s what we would use. It was a salty, pliable dough, and we would have to remember to wrap it up in plastic wrap so it wouldn’t dry out for the next time.

While going through an old recipe book at my mothers house, she pointed out a recipe that looked like it was from the 80’s. They called it “Hobby Dough, and it seems like an identical recipe to the one we used to use as kids.


First get out your ingredients – I took out the salt and the flour, and we also included food coloring, but didn’t end up using the coloring after all.


Put 1/4 cup of cold water in a bowl and add 1/4 cup of salt. Stir until mixed well.


Add two cups of flour to the mixture all at once, and stir well. We ended up putting our mixture into a food processor after trying to mix it ourselves.



We ended up having to add another 1/2 cup of water, but that may have been our fault (we were a little heavy handed with the flour!). Add enough water to form ‘crumbs’. They will hold together in the end.



Turn it out onto the counter, and form it into a ball. You can knead the ball if you like for a few minutes. I kneaded it about 5-10 times, which was enough to hold together and make it a little smoother.




Hobby Dough

Haul out your PlayDoh shaping toys and have fun! We cut out shapes and put them aside to dry out (you will have to bake them to get them to be hard so they can be painted).


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  1. Looks like fun.
    My mom still makes it for her Sunday school kids. She always uses food coloring and comes up with diff colors and adds extracts to make it smell lovely. The almond is the most fragrant.

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