Do you reuse plastic containers?

As you know if you read the Bone Broth post, I made my own stock. Usually, I save empty sour cream and yogurt containers, and freeze the stock in there once it’s cooled.  I didn’t think too much about it, since I wasn’t heating foods in the plastic. But an article got me thinking – even if I am not heating the plastic, do the chemicals leech into my food while frozen in the freezer? Continue reading

Mississauga Grocery Flyer Deals

Happy Easter everyone!! Every week I scan the flyers to see what’s on sale, and what great deals exist that I can stock up on. Certain things only go on sale periodically, and it makes sense to grab those items while you can, and if your grocery budget allows, buy enough to get you through to the next time it goes on sale.

This week the theme seems to be “meat, meat and more meat”!  This is a great opportunity to get some special occasion meats at a great price.

Here are some of the best deals this week: Continue reading

Frugal Living: Doing more with less

A big part of frugal living is not only saving money, but finding ways to do more with what you already have. We are so used to running out and buying something new as the need arises. But how many of us will actually stop and think ‘what do I have that I could use instead of buying another…?’

It really is a shift in mindset. Especially when we are busy, it is easier to solve a problem with money, then to spend time trying to find a creative solution. When reorganizing my office this week, I realized that the small bookcase I bought at Canadian Tire 10 years ago had finally had it. I started automatically thinking about what I could replace it with, and how much it would cost.  As I put the books away, I started thinking ‘maybe I don’t really need to replace the bookcase – what would happen if I just moved a few things around?’ Continue reading

Meal plan for this week (plus some great finds at the grocery store!)

This week is a light shopping week. I was able to stock up on a lot of food last week, as there were some great sales that I was able to take advantage of. So the freezer is pretty full, and there wasn’t a lot that I needed this week. Even on weeks like this, I will still go through the flyers so that I don’t miss any deals. Here are some of the highlights for this week:

Antibiotic free chickens – BOGO free (works out to be $1.99/lb) . This was at Longos.

Tide: $3.00 – I price matched these at Walmart, and used a coupon ($3 of two Tide). So each one was $1.50. I think this one was advertised at No Frills. Continue reading

What you should and shouldn’t buy at the dollar store


I read a lot of posts from people who sing the praises of dollar stores, and many of their household items there, including food. While there are a lot of great deals to be had, there are definitely things that you should leave on the shelf, and buy elsewhere.

Continue reading

The frugal way to make bone broth


A few years ago, this thing called “Bone Broth” started to become all the rage – people were going on about it being a super food, with it’s healing properties etc etc. The person who came up with this term deserves a marketing award – they took something that people have been doing for hundreds of years, re-marketed it, and voila – new trend. Which leaves me thinking that there must be something that my mother/grandmother etc did that I can re-market into something that sounds hip and healthy, and make a fortune. Continue reading

How to feed your family for $100/week


I have been wanting to do a segment for a while on how to eat well within a budget. Every week, I scan the flyers, see what’s on sale, and plan around that for each week’s menu plan. When something I use often is on sale, and the sale is particularly good (good=only on sale once every few months at that price), then I stock up on that item. My rule of thumb is to buy enough to get me through until the next time it goes on sale. Continue reading

Are Groceries really cheaper in the USA?

market-893319_1920I read a lot about saving money. Especially when it comes to meal planning – this is something I love to do, and I spend time looking up recipes and comparing notes with other moms.

One of the things that keeps coming up is how inexpensive groceries seem to be in the USA – specifically meat – I wonder how much I would spend if I lived across the border. Are the deals really that great? Is there a place where buying boneless, skinless chicken doesn’t cost a small fortune? Continue reading

Turn it up Tuesday!

Welcome to a new week at Turn It Up Tuesday! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, and spent time with family and friends. Thank you so much for stopping by last week and sharing all of your posts – we had so much fun checking them all out!

We’d like to thank you in advance for partying with us and sharing all of your amazing posts with us – we LOVE checking them all out! If you’ve been here before, thank you for coming back! And if you’re new here…welcome! Feel free to share, share, share! We love having you! Continue reading

Turn it up Tuesday!

Welcome to a new week at Turn It Up Tuesday! Thank you so much for stopping by last week and sharing all of your posts – we had so much fun checking them all out!

This week is Thanksgiving, and we’re so grateful and thankful to share it with all of you! Share your holiday recipes, decorations, DIY projects, exercise tips, and anything that you’d like to share from present and past! We can’t wait to check out all your posts! Continue reading