Funny how some things never change


When I was a kid, I remember my brother playing guitar in a band he put together with his friends. They used to get ‘gigs’ in these seedy bars, and they were so excited to have the opportunity to play that they would have done the show for free.  They used to lug all their equipment around in whoever’s car was big enough, dragging around guitars, amps, cords and drum sets. Continue reading

Music Lessons

Music lessons are one of those iconic childhood traditions. I had them, and my son started taking piano lessons this year. We are shopping for a new teacher, because the center I picked wasn’t working out. The studio had many little rooms, all about the size of a small two piece bathroom – there was barely enough space to put a piano  and two chairs, and as a result, the room very stuffy and smelly. The owner was grumpy, and reminded me of Basil Faulty from Faulty Towers. He even looked a little like him. The last straw for us was when we had a lesson with a teacher who was sick, and she refused to keep the door open to our small 15 square room, as she fought a cold, constantly blowing her nose.

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Canning and Preserving – which recipes are safe?


This is one of my favorite times of year.  I love canning tomatoes, peaches and green beans. I am fairly new at canning, and it was pretty intimidating for me at first – I wasnt sure which recipes were  safe. I had been warned about using recipes that I found online, or ones that had been handed down, because there wasnt a guarantee that they would still be safe since standards are always changing. Acidity levels of fruits and vegetables change over time, so your Grandma’s recipe may not be acidic enough to be safe today. Continue reading

Apple Picking in Mississauga



It must be getting close to fall. While in the garage the other day, I saw the scarecrow decoration, and wondered if it was too soon to put it up.

We decided to go apple picking today – I have missed it the last few years for one reason or another, and decided this year we were going to go, and set out today in the semi-rainy weather to give it a go.

There are a number of places to choose from if you live in the west end  – here is a rundown of the top ten to choose from:

Orchalaw Farms: This farm offers scenic views of the Credit River, along with a play area, free wagon rides, and a promise that they grow everything they sell onsite. Farm opens September 10 and offers over 20 varieties of apples. They do have Pick Your Own available or 2016. Also carry squash and pumpkins (with a pumkin patch for the kids). Continue reading

Should your DJ take requests at your wedding?


When I got married, we had a small wedding, with only about 50 guests. We had a limited wedding budget, and a specific idea in mind of what we wanted our day to look like. Most of the guests were older, and we really just wanted background music, since most people wouldnt be dancing. I had made a list of songs that we requested they work from, as well as asking that they not play anything dance, hip hop, or rap related. Continue reading