Turn it up Tuesday!

The big news around our house this week is the all about the Super Moon, and trying to get a glimpse of it! Hopefully your weather was cooperating and you were able to see it last night and tonight.


Welcome to a new week at Turn It Up Tuesday! Thank you so much for stopping by last week and joining in the fun!

Next week is Thanksgiving so we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving for the next 2 weeks! Share your holiday recipes, decorations, DIY projects, exercise tips, and anything that you’d like to share from present and past! We can’t wait to check out all your posts! Continue reading

Turn it Up Tuesday!

Another week has gone by, the Halloween decorations are down, and Thankgiving plans are underway for many of us.  Thanks so much for joining us again this week! We had so many great posts last week, and I enjoyed going through them. More things to add to my ‘must try’ list! I am thrilled to be a guest host for the month of November!

Welcome to a new week at Turn It Up Tuesday!

If you’ve been here before, thank you for coming back! And if you’re new here…welcome! Feel free to share, share, share! We love having you!

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What constitutes overscheduling with kids?

I was picking up my son yesterday from school, and I was sitting next to a grandma, who was also waiting for her two grandkids.  We got talking – she said that they had to hurry, because they had dance lessons after dinner, and wouldn’t be home until 8pm. “Sometimes my daughter listens to me, and I tell her it is too much”, she said. I could tell she didn’t agree with them being out so late on a school night, and she felt they were overscheduled. Continue reading

Funny how some things never change


When I was a kid, I remember my brother playing guitar in a band he put together with his friends. They used to get ‘gigs’ in these seedy bars, and they were so excited to have the opportunity to play that they would have done the show for free.  They used to lug all their equipment around in whoever’s car was big enough, dragging around guitars, amps, cords and drum sets. Continue reading

Music Lessons

Music lessons are one of those iconic childhood traditions. I had them, and my son started taking piano lessons this year. We are shopping for a new teacher, because the center I picked wasn’t working out. The studio had many little rooms, all about the size of a small two piece bathroom – there was barely enough space to put a piano  and two chairs, and as a result, the room very stuffy and smelly. The owner was grumpy, and reminded me of Basil Faulty from Faulty Towers. He even looked a little like him. The last straw for us was when we had a lesson with a teacher who was sick, and she refused to keep the door open to our small 15 square room, as she fought a cold, constantly blowing her nose.

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