Product Review: Nutri Ninja® with Auto-iQ

I have been looking for a way to increase our fruit and veggie consumption, as well as sneak some greens into the family’s diet, so I thought “smoothie!”. We recently invested in the Nutri Ninja. I researched other blenders, and decided on this one, since it had good reviews, and was priced reasonably. I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond, and used my 20% coupon. It was $129.99, and then I got 20% off that price.

Before we keep going, I wanted to add that this is not a sponsored post – they didn’t contact us for this review, and this blender was 100% paid for by MississaugaMom. This post is just about giving an honest review of a recent purchase.

There were several types of blenders in this series – we choose the middle option. This one is medium sized (they have bigger ones for larger families) and comes with two sizes of blender containers.  There is one blade, two lids (to store the contents in the fridge – very handy) and it washes up with mostly just rinsing afterwards. I give it top marks for ease of care.

This blender is pretty simple to use – it has an interesting feature – it ‘detects’ how long things should process for, and auto blends for that amount of time, stopping periodically in between pulses. Depending on what you are blending, you can pick various speeds.

So we decided to try a basic raspberry smoothie, nothing fancy, just some raspberries, yogurt, maple syrup and apple juice.

First we added the raspberries, then some Activia yogurt.

Then some maple syrup for a little added sweetness. Plus a little juice.

Then put on the blade (it goes on like a lid, and screws on). Then turn it upside down and attach to the blender. You will want to make sure the lid is on tightly before turning it upside down.

Now, put your hands over your ears, warn those closeby that it will sound like a train is about to plow through your kitchen, and turn it on.


This does a great job of blending, but for the 30-40 seconds that it’s on, it will be VERY LOUD. Those with hearing aids will want to take them out before starting this. Those with kids will need to do this before they go to bed, or they will be up again.

You can see the color of the smoothie when it first starts, and then when the counter is done. Wait until it gets to zero, and then you can remove the container.

You can see by the texture that it does a great job blending. I could still taste the seeds, but they were very fine. It makes a good smoothie. All in all, despite the noise, I am happy with this purchase. I haven’t owned any high end blenders in the past, so the noise could be normal for this type of machine. But – even if this is the case, it is louder than any other appliance that I own. Having said that, I am willing to put up with the noise for the short time, as it produces a great product. I would recommend this for someone who doesn’t want to spend $300 on a blender, and is looking for a machine at a decent price.


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