Menu Plan Monday




It’s not Menu Plan Monday – it’s more like Menu Plan Thursday! We were away part of this week, so I am in a weird spot of not having an official meal plan for the week, and instead, trying to use up what we have, until the next meal plan takes effect. I have been cooking out of the freezer, taking advantage of portions of frozen chicken, frozen veggies and what veggies we have in the crisper.  During these times, you have to force yourself to get creative and make meals you might normally not fix.

For this week, here is what I have to work with:

*boneless skinless chicken thighs

*sweet potatoes/regular potatoes


*salad stuff (lettuce, celery, carrots, one tomato)

*canned tomatoes; assorted dried goods


Add to the mix that we are in the middle of a heat wave, so traditional cooking is out of the question. I will have to be able to use the slow cooker, or the BBQ as an oven to prep our meals (our BBQ has a side burner, which is great for days like today).

Friday: spaghetti sauce (homemade in the slow cooker) and pasta

Saturday: chicken thighs, cooked in a pot with potatoes and veggies (this is a great recipe posted by Diana Rambles)

Then, back to the Menu Planning. It’s fun to have a week like this – it takes you out of your comfort zone, and let’s you get a little creative.

Happy Planning!