Menu Plan Monday – week of July 10


This Menu Plan Monday is ‘back to camp/work’ week. Our vacation is over, and it’s time to settle back into a routine. The focus for this menu is meals that can be made ahead and put into the freezer (meatloaf; ground beef for tacos) and made in the slow cooker (minestrone) since it is going to be really hot mid-week.  We also use our BBQ as an oven; turning on one side on full, and putting the baking dish on the other side to ‘bake’. This works well for chicken and other dishes, but it takes slightly longer than cooking in the oven. As always, be sure to check for doneness with a meat thermometer when using this method.

I did the grocery shopping yesterday – here are some highlights of this week’s sales:


Berries (assorted) $1.88


Ground Turkey:  $3.99/lb

Chicken (skinless, bone-in):  $2.99/lb

Kleenex (6 pack)/Toilet Paper (24):  $4.77

Classico Sauce: $1.99


Ground Beef (three day sale): $2.99/lb

I also did a trip to Costco, where I bought canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, maple syrup (used for coffee), granola bars and fruit cups (for camp snacks), 10% cream and ketchup.

This week’s menu is based on those, plus what I have in the freezer.

Monday:Easy Paella” (served with salad and veggies)

Tuesday: Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, veggie and salad (we do a ‘clean version’ with Mrs Dash and onion powder)

Wednesday: Minestrone Soup with homemade bread

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: homemade Chicken Nuggets, fries, veggie and salad (we use Panko for the chicken, not breadcrumbs)

Saturday: Tacos with Salad and Veggies