Menu Plan Monday – week of July 17


This week is a light shopping week, since I still have groceries from last week that I can use. The weather hasn’t been as hot, but it is going to really heat up mid-week, so a couple of slow cooker meals, and easy, short cooking time recipes are in order.

The deal this week that I am planning around is at Loblaws – they have ‘Free From’ whole chickens on for $2.49/lb. They also have a sale on sausage for $4.99/lb for three days only. I can use these items, and plan around what I already have:

Monday: Fusilli with Sausage, salad and veggies

Tuesday: Stir Fry (using veggies I have on hand), chicken and rice

Wednesday: Pasta Fagioli  (I use the Olive Garden version – it is really good!). I can do this in the slow cooker.

Thursday: Homemade Pizza (using frozen dough I made ahead of time)

Friday: Ziti Bake  – I have been using this recipe for years, and it is always a hit.

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday:  Most Tender Chicken, potatoes, veggie and salad – this method of cooking chicken really works well. I was worried it would be underdone – but it hasn’t ever not worked. Test with a meat thermometer just to be sure.


Stay cool everyone! Have a great week!