Salad in a Jar

On Sundays, I do all my food preparation for the week. I clean out the fridge, move food into the ‘stock’ bag for the freezer (any unused chicken, or wilted veggies fall into this category). I also think about what we will be taking for lunch throughout the week. I love salads, but hate all the work in making them during the busy week. The Salad in a Jar is a perfect way to get your salad ready on Sunday, and enjoy it through the week.

First, wash and dry a couple (or three) 1L mason jars (or smaller if you like less salad – I like big salads, so I used a large jar). Fill your mason jar about halfway with lettuce. Try to make sure your lettuce is as dry as possible, so that it doesn’t get slimy.

Layer in your small veggies. I cut up some carrots, cabbage and yellow peppers.

Then add your chunky vegetables. I added baby corn and cucumber.

Then add your protein. For this salad, I added chick peas (from a can, just drained and rinsed). You can add any protein you want to the salad. If you plan to add fish, or tuna, wait until the day you plan to eat it to add it to the salad.

Topped with some cherry tomatoes, and we are done! For best results, keep your dressing separate, so that your salad doesn’t get soggy.

I sealed these with the metal rings, and plastic wrap. I didn’t use the metal tops, because I didn’t have any handy. There are lots of fancy ways to seal these, and they likely seal better with the full metal lids (some vacuum sealers even have an attachment for this purpose). But since I plan to use these within 3 days, the plastic wrap will be just fine.

Salad in a Jar – it’s a great way to save time through the week, and eat healthy at the same time. Have a great week!

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