Still moving in after 10 years..

My house is a constant work in progress. I cant believe we have been here for 10 years, and I am still “decorating”.  It seems that nothing ever gets finished completely, and it looks just as bad as when I started. Nothing like the peaceful, neat rooms in the magazines. I feel like I am forever painting walls and trim, patching holes from old pictures and drapery hardware….it just never. ever. ends.
So I hired a handyman that I found on Homestars to help out with some of the little jobs. He had fantastic ratings, so I called him and explained what I needed. However, it was clear to me that he was really a plumber who could do some handiwork,  not a true handyman. When the towel bar he installed fell out of the wall a month later,  I realized why he told me to “only rate him a 9.9 or better on Homestars”.
Some days the answer just seems to be to move, but I think that new issues will be waiting for me in another house. There will still be old carpet that needs replacing, trim to be redone, and vents that haven’t been cleaned in years.  Half of our main floor will still be a cluttered playroom, leaving us only 500 sq ft of main floor living space (including the kitchen) to squeeze everything else in.

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