The Teal Pumpkin Project

Attention all allergy friendly families – this year you can show your support for children with food allergies.  The Teal Pumpkin Project, created in 2014, is a program that promotes safe alternatives for Halloween treats for kids with food allergies. This is an international initiative, and you can participate by providing non-food treats in lieu of candy (stickers, stationary, small toys, etc) and downloading some of the materials available on the Food Allergy Canada site to display in your window/on your door.

As the parent of an allergic child, I am thrilled with this campaign, and hope to see these signs in front of many homes this year. Halloween always brings an element of stress for many families, picking out the unsafe snacks, and hoping that the snacks that are normally safe haven’t been cross contaminated. This is a great way to provide an alternative, and start to spread awareness.

In previous years, we have been fortunate that many of the houses we visited have started to separate the nut free snacks, and offer them as an alternative. This program takes that a step further, while still allowing kids to feel included in the special day.


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