The Man Cave

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If you are currently living with a man, he either has one of these, or wants one. It’s a place where you aren’t really welcome (unless it needs cleaning, and even then, that’s questionable).

The Man Cave.

This is a spot where all decorating sense goes out the window; beer posters become art, and most of the worn, outdated furniture you would rather get rid of goes to live.  Our man room has the “most comfortable couch in history”, which is really a pull-out we bought second hand 18 years ago, and had to saw in half to get down the basement stairs (then bolt together again). The end table is a crate turned on it’s side, and the speaker stand is a foot stool that belongs to a chair we dont own anymore. There is a second hand mini-fridge that isnt plugged in, but does a nice job of displaying odds and ends that don’t really seem to have a place anywhere else in the house.

My husband uses his Man Cave to watch movies, play video games and work on his computer. He typically heads down there after 8pm (kids bedtime), which isnt usually a problem, unless he chooses to watch an action movie.

These are a big issue in our house, since the volume level in those movies tends to have large variances. He will turn the volume up to hear people talking, then an unexpected loud part will come up (a big action scene) and he will scramble to turn the volume down, but not before I show up at the bottom of the stairs, giving him the ‘turn it down!’ hairy eyeball.

One day while I was going through the flyers (have I ever told you how much I love it when the flyers are delivered?) that the solution to this problem was headphones. If he would wear headphones, then it wouldnt matter how loud the movie was. I see them advertised all the time – I dont know why this didnt come to me sooner.

I started my search – I quicky realized that this wouldn’t be as simple as I thought. There seem to be a lot of them on the market right now – some of them were super expensive! I ended up picking a brand that had been around a long time (Sony 7506 at, instead of one of the more trendy brands I had seen advertised. I want to make sure these things give me a good few years of peace and quiet!

We are a couple of weeks into our experiment, and so far so good. No more house-shaking action scenes, with me getting out of bed and racing down two flights of stairs to read the riot act.

I think I may borrow them next time I get in the bath, so I can tune out the “Mom …MOM!!!” that inevitably follows as soon as I get in there.


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  1. Lol! I can relate to some extent. My husband has a few different man caves – but luckily, he spends much of his time in the garage where any music being played is the neighbours’ problem 😉 You opted for a great solution for your man cave issues – way to take back your sanity!

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