The Urban Garden

I always liked the idea of a vegetable garden, but somehow things always started out well, then went south. This year I decided to give it a go again, and with new planter boxes (built at home after a quick trip to Home Depot) and some veggie plants, we gave it a shot.  Pictured above are three heirloom tomato plants, strawberries, and over to the right (not in the picture) are lettuce and two kinds of parsley.

After about a week, I thought – we still have lots of room, and soil (we ordered one of those giant bags they drop off at your house), so why not build another one? Then this one was born:

This one has three tomato, one kale, lettuce and green onions.

A bit later, we built a third, smaller one out of the wood scraps left over from the first two. This one has rosemary, mint, and two green pepper plants.

It has been a lot of fun to grow the plants this year, especially out of homemade boxes. We looked at buying them in previous years, but they were very expensive, or not quite what we wanted. These cedar boxes could be made to the size we needed, and didn’t require any special tools. The deck gets the bulk of the sun (the yard is mostly shady) so this was the best option to grow veggies this year. Depending on space, I may add a couple to the collection in the spring!

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