Urban Exploration: A Nosy Parker’s Dream Come True

I am a big fan of urban exploration – it feeds the nosy parker deep down. There is something about it that appeals to my sentimental side.

Every time I drive down Derry Road on my way into Milton, I look at the old farmhouses – there is one in particular with a “1905” on it, all boarded up, and I wonder what it must have been like in that house 60 or more years ago, before there was any developments around, and when the farm was functional and there was likely a large family living there. There is a distinct feeling about that house, and I feel it every time I drive by.

After some research, it looks like one owner tried to put a gas station there, but for some reason that was not approved. I think Imperial Oil bought the land in 2009, and now it sits. I wonder what would happen if they auctioned off the property? This house would be a dream for many willing to renovate it and restore it back to it’s original glory.

There are still a few houses left on Ninth Line that are designated historic, but with new expansion coming for that stretch of land, I am not sure what is going to happen to them. I imagine the development will take precedent, and they will be torn down. It’s a shame that there is no talk to save the old houses, or at least turn them into a museum/cultural site. I couldn’t find any mention of preserving the houses on any of the development plans, which usually means – there is no plan to save them!

I find it interesting watching videos of explorers that go into the abandoned houses; its curious to see what people have left behind. Houses that have been left to rot away, full of personal belongings. I wonder what happened to the people that lived in these houses – were they foreclosures? If so, why were they not sold by the bank instead of being left to crumble? Did someone pass without loved ones to leave their house to, and now it is government property tied up in paperwork? There are so many scenarios that could be in these situations. I just can’t imagine leaving a home full of personal memories and photos.

There are some great folks online who detail these – my favorites are RnK All Day and Retail Archaeology. They are both profanity free, and the commentary is pretty good.


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