Day One – Zero Waste November

So today is kicking off our Zero Waste month  – When I cooked our meal tonight, I made enough to have some extra for lunches over the next two days, so that we don’t have to scramble. Often lunches can trip you up, as you look for things you can pull together quickly, and end up opening up a can of this or that, taking some, and the rest sits in the fridge. Planning your lunches and dinners can save you a lot of time (and it’s really not a lot of planning – last nights dinner becomes tomorrow’s lunch).

Here is a pic of the fridge – just to stay accountable – as you can see, this is FULL (we just did shopping on the weekend for 2 weeks). It’s going to be a challenge to keep on top of this, and ensure that there is NO WASTE.

One of the ways we do this is to designate one shelf for leftovers, so that nothing get missed. That way, when you are looking to use things up, you only have to check one spot. For us, this is the shelf right above the produce drawers. What you don’t see is the extra produce on the counter – a bunch of kale, 6 pears and 8 peppers, plus bananas. They wouldn’t fit in the fridge.

So this is our starting point – I will post about our dinner and some of the fun things we are doing to get ready for Halloween!